Most gardeners, field groundsmen, lawn decorators are familiar with the 60 inch zero turn mower for cutting grasses, tempering, decorating, and so many artistic pattern making. Usually, a zero turn mower is a bit different from conventional lawnmowers. Lawnmowers are essential for home gardening mostly. Likewise, a zero turn mower is the best choice for gardens. If you have enough spaces or a backyard in your house, you can try this for smart gardening. Analyzing recent marketplaces and user reviews, we picked the top 5 products, their specialties, buyer’s guide, benefits, and most common FAQs.


What is a 60 inch Zero Turn Mower?

Mowers are used for cutting grasses in most cases.  A zero turn mower may be a mower or walking around. Much of the zero spinning machines are 4-wheelers with two pivoting sprockets in the front and two wide rear driving sprockets. Steering is operated by the handles of the operator that power any single wheel. The turning radius is reduced to zero if one wheel is stopped and the other is engaged.

At first, zero turn mowers didn’t keep up easily. The concept was better than time technology could allow. With the introduction of cheaper and more powerful hydraulic engines, however, mass manufacturing of an efficient and profitable mower gradually became more feasible. The manufactures of zero turn mowers include Toro, Hustler, Husqvarna, Walker, John Deere, etc.

The pace and efficacy of zero turn mowers have meant that they can continue to play on the lawnmower market indefinitely. They may not be for everybody but anyone looking to mow a wide area of the lawn as easily as possible would surely benefit from a zero turn mower.

Top 5 Best 60 Inch Zero Turn Mower Reviews – 2021

High-end customers need the best stuff consistently. Several manufacturers and industries make lawnmowers and relevant garden tools every year. New designs, more functions, faster execution time, and compatible mowers are diverse in local marketplaces. Among those all stuff, we selected the top 5 picks.


1. Ariens IKON-XL 60 Inch Zero Turn Mower

If you feel every mower is creepy and difficult to operate, you’ll be astonished after seeing this Ariens IKON XL. Unimaginably, this one is the simplest and best 60 inch mower nowadays. Smooth wheels and easy operation manuals are just perfect as well as high performance. Increased torque facilities help to cut grasses easily.Ariens IKON-XL 60 Inch Zero Turn Mower

Special Features of Ariens IKON

  • High-quality increased torque.
  • 13 cutting positions.
  • Premium quality powerful engine.
  • Commercial style deck.
  • Large-diameter tires.
  • Comfortable seat and armrests.

Product Specifications

Model no. 915229
Power 24 hp
Drive system Hydro-gear ZT-2800
Blade speed 17000 fpm
Cutting width 60 inch
Cutting height 1.5 – 4.5 inch
Cutting positions 13
Wheels (front) 11 x 6 inch
Wheels (rear) 20 x 12 inch
Weight  697 lbs
Dimension  77.5 x 73.75 x 40.9 inch

Reasons to Purchase

  • Kits included.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Adjustable cutting heights.
  • 3y warranty.
  • Affordable price.
  • Foot-operated deck lift system.
  • Standard hour meter.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Currently unavailable but purchasable from resellers.


Zero-turn mowers don’t have any steering so it cannot move around a circle. But with the help of two levers, it is easy to cut grasses or resize lawns perfectly. The foot-operated deck system lifts seat height and provides a user’s comfortability and soothing ness. Manufacturers’ operation manual assists anyone to control and drive on it. We recommend using this mower for any age except kids.


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2. Swisher ZTR2460KA 60-Inch Kawasaki ZTR Mower

the Swisher ZTR2460KA Zero Turn Riding Mower provides the ability to effortlessly turn a complete 360 degrees, as well as a low center of gravity for excellent maneuverability. The new RAS system provides enhanced functionality and power. This well-maintained computer delivers a controlled, competent raspberry at a reasonable price in less time.Swisher ZTR2460KA Response 24HP 60-Inch Kawasaki ZTR Mower

Special Features of ZTR2460KA

  • Rapid response controlling system.
  • 60-inch width cutting.
  • Powerful hydro-gear.
  • Forward and reverse mobility.
  • High-quality craftsmanship.

Product Specifications

Model no. ZTR2460KA
Power 24 hp
Drive system Hydro-gear
Cutting width 60 inch
Batteries  1 x 12 V battery
Fuel capacity 8 gal.
Extras  Storage, cup holder, hour meter, battery compartment
Dimension  79 x 69 x 45 inch
Weight 616 lbs
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Reasons to purchase

  • Durable, sturdy, ergonomic.
  • Easy to use.
  • Professional cutting mower.
  • Bulletproof engine.
  • Low-price machine.
  • 2y warranty.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Currently unavailable due to pandemic.


We recommend this superfast mower for speedy grass cutting. The bulletproof engine ensures topmost safety and security for celebrities and famous people who love to work alone. Included user manual helps to assemble and maintenance of the mower. Not recommended for kids under 12y age.


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3. Ultima ZT2 Best Mower

Though unavailable to marketplaces, this Ultima mower has immense popularity among top-class gardeners and lawn workers. Being a one-frame design, this mower is the most user-friendly, reliable, heavy-duty mower as the previous products. Decent looking structure and easy to maneuver features made this mower an outstanding performer overall.Ultima ZT2 60 in. Fabricated Deck 24 HP Kawasaki FR Series V-Twin Gas Engine Zero Turn Mower with Lap Bar Control

Special Features of Ultima ZT2

  • Best roller mower for hilly regions.
  • Heavy-duty triple-blade deck.
  • One frame design.
  • Smart, decent wheels.
  • Easy to moving around.

Product Specifications

Dimension 80 x 71 x 48 inch
Power  24 hp
Fuel capacity 3.5 gal.
Weight 640 lbs
Model no. Ultima ZT2
Cutting height 1 – 4.5 inch
Wheels (front) 13 x 6.5 inch
Wheels (rear) 20 x 12 inch

Reasons to Purchase

  • Quality pedals lift the mower for shorter to taller people.
  • Fuel level indicator.
  • Smooth, greater speed.
  • Turns flexibly.
  • High-beam headlights.
  • 2y limited warranty.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Replacement rotor blades aren’t available.


The pedal to raise the mower is set very high and is quite a hard drive. If you are quite tall, as you try to raise your leg to press the pedal your knee contacts the handles. You have to twist your knee over to be able to hit the pedal. There is a second hole to lower it but it’s not nearly enough. You should be able to hit this pedal very fast and quickly. Besides, we suggest this mower for playgrounds, larger lawns, hilly slopes, elevations, etc.


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4. Toro TimeCutter® Zero Turn Mower

Not only can the TimeCutter 60″ treat the widest lawns like a pro, but also handle them like one You can save valuable time in an incredible 60-inch swath, which is most important for you. Unforeseen barriers can easily be avoided without the foot support lift halting.60 in. 24.5 HP TimeCutter IronForged Deck Commercial V-Twin Gas Dual Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Special Features of Toro ZT Mower

  • Iron forged deck.
  • Reduced vibration due to floor mats.
  • Foot lift assistant.
  • Under-seat storage to keep important things/documents.
  • Smart speed technology.
  • Comfortable armrests.
  • Cup holder for water bottles, coffee, etc.

Item Description

Power  24.5 hp
Fuel capacity 3 gal.
Cutting width 60 inch
Model no. Toro TimeCutter
Cutting height 1 – 4.5 inch
Wheels (front) 13 x 6.5 inch
Wheels (rear) 20 x 10 inch
Motor speed 3600 rpm

Reasons to Purchase

  • Ergonomic structure.
  • Smart-looking and lucrative.
  • Pro DNA technology.
  • 4-slot deck mounting.
  • 3y warranty.

Reasons to Avoid

  • No headlights.
  • Shipping delay.


The pedal pusher is perfect and simple to do and raise the height of the mop with the steel tool. One marvelous thing about the mower pedal is that you are mowing and you can press on the pedal in the last second to raise the deck and stop the rock. It’s an extremely good beast in the cuts!


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5. Ultima Series ZTX5 60

Another one Ultima series product for its super flexibility and customer review. This ZTX5 is an updated version of regular ZTX products. Fabulous design, strong motor, anti-vibration feasibility, and best quality engine overall. For those who live in uphill or terrain areas, this mower would be their best choice.Ultima ZTX5 60 in. Fab Deck 24 HP Kawasaki V-Twin Zero Turn Mower with Roll Over Protection and Front Wheel Suspension

Special Attractions of ZTX5

  • Tubular steel frame.
  • Powerful motor, smooth, quiet.
  • Anti-vibration mats.
  • Top-grade hydro-gear.
  • Ideal for rolling hills and obstacles.

Product Descriptions

Power  24 hp
Fuel capacity 5.5 gal.
Engine Kawasaki
Cutting height 1 – 4.5 inch
Wheels (front) 13 x 6.5 inch
Wheels (rear) 23 x 12 inch
Battery 12 v, 230 VAC
Fwd speed 8.5 mph
Rev speed 3.5 mph

Reasons to Purchase

  • Quick transmission between parts.
  • Easy to operate and balance.
  • Maneuverable handles.
  • Luminous headlights.
  • 4y warranty.
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Reasons to Avoid

  • Not good for shape cuts.
  • No storage boxes included.


The pedal shutter with the steel tool is fine and easy to use and lifts the mop height. The great thing about the mower pedal is you mow and at the last second, you can click the pedal to lift the deck to stop it. It’s a beast in the cuts, incredibly good!


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60 inch Zero Turn Mower Buyer’s Guide

Zero turn mowers are a rotor tool that consists of a strong motor, wheels, control panel, brakes, and fuel indicator. Moreover, the recent development strategy supports headlights, LED flashers, and adjustable structures. Following these all, we figured out some authentic properties to look for before any purchases.

Motor or Engine Parameters

This one is entirely a mechanical or instrumental specification of a zero turn mower. Usually, we are familiar with strong motors that provide huge torque and rotation speed. This torque is used for rotating the circular blades beneath the mower. If you upside down a mower, you’ll see three or four circular blades- fixed closely or apart. The central motor (cyclo-motor) energizes a huge torque and bypasses the other supporting blades. Hence, this rotating part of a mower should be strong enough. Generally, a zero turn mower has 22~32 hp motor strength. The more powerful engine, the more smooth cuts.

Wheels & Tires

Simple and easy part of a zero turn mower for better understanding. Inherently, a mower has lots of wheels around its base. Front wheels are smaller than the rear ones. Likewise, supporting wheels are smaller than front wheels. Most mowers use simple tires, thicker & plain. Unlike go-kart tires, these are too simple like Volkswagon.

Control Panel

Every electronic or mechanical tool has a control panel, either touchscreen or manual button types. Recent technology diverse into a smarter one, henceforth, touchpad or touchscreen control panels are popular, easy to maneuver, and overall ergonomic design. For strong motor mechanism, touchscreen/touchpad control panels aren’t that feasible to operate. Button or clutch system control panels are the best choice for a zero turn mower. Look for such stuff while purchasing any.

Seats and Brakes

The next we concern about is- mower seat & brakes. Both are important for a regular gardener or groundsmen. Most zero turn mowers have adjustable seats so you can select your comfortable height accordingly. Moreover, some seats can move both vertically and horizontally. Adjustable handrest is essential as well for long-term mowing. Likewise, brakes are clutch-based in a zero turn mower. Both hand-based and foot-based clutches are available in these zero turn mowers.

Other Accessories

Apart from all major parts, a zero turn mower should have headlights, LED flashers, adjustable structure, and dual-motor technology. Sometimes you start mowing in the afternoon and soon twilight comes. You need headlights for smart finishing. LED flashers are widely used for decoration and a creative look. Not that necessary if you don’t get one. Recently adjustable structures are popular though limited in manufacturing. Adjustable mowers can be squeezed or prolonged. A giant shape mower looks like a motorbike while squeezed. These are modified and ultra-super technology from fewer manufacturers.

Benefits of 60 Inch Zero Turn Mower

Numerous benefits of 60 inch zero turn mower however we picked the most common and fabulous ones.

  • A mower can mow grass quickly. Most European and western countries use mowers instead of conventional systems. However, Asiatic countries use mowers pretty less.
  • Best for time-saving. In a normal way, you cannot properly cut grasses or resize. It will take a lot of time and effort as well. But a mower can cut grasses very fast and saves your expensive time.
  • During grass cuts, you’ll find obstacles of different sizes, shapes, structures. A zero turn mower can remove smaller obstacles easily, eco-friendly, and in a simple way. Mowers are superb obstacle removers.
  • For playgrounds, you’ll need pattern cuts or texture cuts. Especially, baseball grounds, soccer fields, rugby fields need patterns. A mower cuts sequentially and customized design grasses. Moreover, you can select grass levels and height as well.
  • Easier to operate than regular cuttings. If you cut grasses by yourself, you can’t be happy on & off. But a mower can make super finishing and easy maneuvering.
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Safety Tips for 60 inch Zero Turn Mower

Analyzing web resources, articles, personal experiences, and forums; we figured out some common safety tips for 60 inch zero turn mower. Before using a mower, you should follow the instructions and specifications. Here are some quick tips for you-

  • Always try driving in a risk-free zone.
  • Read user manuals carefully before operating.
  • Use hand gloves and protective glasses for eyes.
  • Don’t drive when on drugs/alcohol.
  • Slope grasses are prohibited to cut when moist.
  • Drive handles steadily.
  • Use seatbelts to prevent quick obstacles or thrust.
  • Check fuel level indicator often.
  • No jewelry, short sleeves/bottoms, loose-fitting garments.
  • Use hearing protection or headphones if the mower is noisy.
  • Don’t maintain unless you’re a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best budget-friendly zero turn mower?

According to our study, we recommend Ariens IKON-XL and Swisher for low-budget purchases. Both are available for $3500~$5000 only. Mostly it depends on the size, functions, and speed of a mower. The more complex functions or application criteria, the more it costs.

Are zero turn mowers safe for lawns?

Yes of course! Zero turn mowers have different cutting modes and blade types. All are maneuverable as well. So you can optimize, regulate, select any patterns. If you want your lawns higher than the ground, adjust the relative cut height. Likewise, to alter any lawn shape, you can change modes and drive.

What zero turn mower is the best?

Kubota, Toro, and Arien are the best choices for zero turn mowers. But among these three brands, we prefer Toro most. It is lightweight, easy to operate with simple clutches, ergonomic design, adjustable seats, and foot-brakes. A perfect 60 inch zero turn mower for gardens and lawns.

Is a zero turn mower better than a lawn tractor?

ZT mowers save time, firstly. It cuts with patterns, faster, adjustable, ergonomic design, and affordable price. Moreover, a ZT mower cuts quality textures on grounds. A lawn tractor is good but bigger, costs much, and not that eco-friendly. A ZT mower needs little fuel to use. On the other hand, a lawn tractor costs much fuel or gasoline.

Where can I find cost affordable zero turn mowers?

In this article, we selected all inexpensive but quality products. So it would be better to use any product of our reviewed ones. Usually, a zero turn mower price starts from $2700 and lasts at $5000+, based on structure and size. We recommend using a low price zero turn mower for beginners.


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Final Thoughts

Do you have enough slopes or hills in your area? Don’t waste your time then cutting all grasses manually. It will cost you valuable time and a lengthy process at all. A 60 inch zero turn mower is the best solution for lawns, gardens, playgrounds, golf courts, and tennis courts. Through the article, we tried our best to launch the top 5 reviews of a zero turn mower. So far in our judgment, we found Toro and Ultima as the best stuff overall. However, if you have any better ideas, share them with us. Stay tuned for more informative machinery reviews. Best of luck! Stay safe!

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